Beauty Soul Tarot-Spiritual                   Coach/Life Coach

Beauty Soul Tarot is a Professional Spiritual Tarot Reader as well as a professional life coach and guidance counselor. Beauty Soul Tarot specializes in the zodiac elements as well as parts of astrology. Beauty Soul tarot is not a registered astrologist. She specializes in love, career and general over view of what energies are near and what may take place. Beauty Soul Tarot is not responsible for the future outcome of any client or the choices made my any client. 

Each reading is made confidential for privacy and safety purposes.

Beauty Soul Tarot gives spiritual and life advise on what would be the best direction for the client to take and how they should correspond depending on each person's situation. 

Areas covered include:

All readings completed have a wait time of up to 5 business days. Although, they are usually completed sooner. Beauty Soul Tarot is not responsible for future decisions made by clients. 


All Readings are completed through a private video that is sent to your email in a link format.